Tucker Max – Blog to Book to TV

I have to laugh. Checking through one of my Google News Alerts recently alerted me to yet another blog turned to book turned to TV show (!), which set off little alarm bells in my mind. What did this guy do? Marvelous writing? A great storyline or a girlfriend grandmother in the publishing industry?

Well, i was right on one thing. An extremely readeable blog. But more on his story:

One-time Chicagoan Tucker Max hardly seems like the kind of guy who kept a diary as a kid. Yet he has turned his affinity for writing about himself into a mini-empire.

His tales of boozing and womanizing have taken him from a self-published blogger to The New York Times best-seller list and beyond. But the Guy Page wants to know what makes one blogger rich and another just narcissistic?

Apparently he is a ‘self proclaimed asshole’ (whatever that means), and his first book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is in the genre know as fratire – or chick lit for guys.

Now this got me laughing.

I have to be upfront about this – i never particularly liked chick lit, although i do suppose as a form of escapism it works pretty well. Then again i’m a guy, and i read classics. So how exactly is fratire going to work? I’m not sure, but i’ll find out as soon as possible and post something on the genre here, i suppose.

Another thing about Tucker Max – he recently got a deal with Comedy Central to write a pilot, but for what show, i’m not sure. Yet. And if it’s in a new category to make South Park run screaming away, then i must say i approve.

And of course from my vantage point, on the couch, sitting with a good book in hand.

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