Blook Plugin

Connor Boyack has released a pretty good interesting plugin yesterday in his blog. It basically pulls all the posts you have on a stand-alone wordpress install (on your own server, like Novelr), removes the links, and then creates a footer with all the links listed. All videos and interactive media are removed, and then your posts are made downloadable in HTML format.

But the work’s not over. You’d have to format it in either Pages or InDesign (i have InDesign, but am not particularly comfortable with it), make it look reasonably readable, and then port it over to PDF format before submission to Lulu for publication. All of which requires basic CSS or HTML knowledge.

It might be useful, especially if you just want a hassle free port to paper, but for fiction not a particularly good idea. There has to be at least an editorial process before publication – to ensure quality and typos are accounted for … and so on so forth. I’ll install the plugin later – running out of time now, and i’ll see how it works. And don’t twiddle your fingers, just sitting around like that! Download it here.

PS: Apparently there are a few instructions … read them here.

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