Dang Sidebar


Just to let you know, i’m starting to seriously crack my head over my sidebar. This is one of those rare times i curse the day PHP was written … Or that the fact WordPress is written in PHP.But i guess it’s marginally better than dealing with Movable Type’s Perl Modules…

Nevermind. You’ll probably find this unbecoming of me to talk about my code woes on a blog about books – but bear with me for awhile. My War and Peace is stuck with Prince Andrew Bolkonski on the way to death, and my writing project is suffering a lapse as i dissect Edith Wharton’s ability to craft conversations that make your pulse speed up. Good stuff, just that it takes so much time.

PS: And, anyway, aren’t blooks literature on code? Think about that – ‘ol Dickens didn’t have to deal with programming languages to get published. He just needed a contract with a newspaper and a pen.

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