Good Friday

We all love Fridays. Great cups of coffee at Starbucks and lazy nights not doing any work watching movies. What better time to write about The Friday Project?


While Lulu may be big and bustling (no ideas on its returns at the moment), The Friday Project is its indie equivalent. Small, focusing on quality (not quantity) and with a very homely feel to the design. They plan to publish 45 books for 2007, and the thing about them is this: all their books have something to do with the internet.

No, not about. Sit down and let’s have a cup of tea together, they say, or a croissant, or a beer. It’s more of the connection the book has with the internet that counts. While some aren’t so apparent (i find In Search Of Adam very interesting, as i’ve not the foggiest what it had to do with the internet – posted online, perhaps?), other books like Blogged has apparent internet origins.

The Friday Project isn’t self publishing, nor is it publishing on demand. It appears to be a small publishing ‘house’ based in London, with a closely knit group of editors. I’d say that margins are low, but they’re different by the stuff they churn out. And their catch phrase: “Turning the Best of the Web into the Finest of Books” is clear, and tells you immediately what their speciality is about.

For other writers nosy enough (to want to get published) here are links to two of their directors: Girl Friday and Me And My Big Mouth.

And because they’re about the written word and the internet, i’ve added them to Novelr’s blogroll. They’re doing great stuff, merging two forms of media together in an accessible way – not the first, but definitely different.

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