Harry Potter Cover Revealed, Looks Cartoonish

Just a short post – the new covers for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows has been released:

The children’s edition:

The adult edition (this sounds wrong):

As usual, the Bloomsbury cover trumps the Scholastic cover (this is me being biased – all my copies are from Bloomsbury) and I must say the web should be in a flurry of excitement soon, as the hype leading up to the very last book usually starts building up after the release of the covers.

I haven’t got the time to zoom in on each of the covers to see the summaries written, but here’s the source if you want to be embroiled in more Pottermania.


[Update on coverage]: BBC apparently asked members of the public about their opinion on the book 7 cover, and a lot of them complained about how ugly it is. Read it here.

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