Step 6: Promote

You’ve written a good part of your blook. The plot is coming together, the posts are frequent and you get a fuzzy feeling when you look at your cumulative post counts (first hundred reached! Yay!). Only one problem.

The only people who read your blook are spammer bots. And your cat.

So how can you tell the world about your blook?


The site‘s going through a makeover at the moment, and much of it seems … strangely empty. Two years ago it was a bustling hive of activity for online fiction – but now the design isn’t intuitive and I can’t find the listings and the featured articles that made it such a joy to browse. In due time perhaps – and I can’t discount the fact that it has an old, established community of users, one that won’t disperse that quickly. Plus … it is still the biggest place writers of online fiction (blooks, webisodes, serialized novels) gather, and there are obvious benefits to be reaped from mixing around with them.


Build a relationship with authors of other blogs. It doesn’t matter if you trackback or comment – just make sure your thoughts and the ideas expressed are relevant and bring something new into the conversation. If you come over a fellow blook writer who is passionate in his writing reach out and talk, give constructive cristicism … make friends. It makes the writing worthwhile, having someone who is involved in the same creative medium to talk to.


There are hundreds of writing communities out there on the web. Personally I frequent the 9rules writing section the most, for the sheer quality of good blog posts and notes on the topic. And then there’s Pages Unbound, which is fantastic for promoting your blook. But there are others … scattered on various platforms. Some are hosted in Yahoo or Google groups. Others are on forums powered by phpBB or vBulletin. Find them, talk to them, learn how to write. And when they begin to express interest in your work show them.


And of course I’ve left the best for last (can’t help myself – sorry, sorry). If you have a blook feel free to drop me an email. I’m always on the lookout for new blooks, or for fiction you’ve recently decided to transfer to blog format. And if I think it’s worthy I’ll give you a link up in one of my Bookmarked! posts!

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