Appreciating Blook Readers

Anybody writing a blook would know firsthand how hard it is to find and maintain loyal readers. We face quite a challenge – writing fiction in a merciless medium, where the screen resembles the scroll more than the book.

I was recently jolted at Derick’s blog, Reader Meet Author. I had left a comment in one of his posts, and in the space of a few short hours I received this email:

Dear Eli James,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to stop by Reader Meet Author. In particular, I wanted to say thanks for leaving me a comment. This is the first time you\’ve commented at RMA, right?

One of the things I\’ve always wanted from RMA was interaction and the sharing of ideas. I know you have other things you could probably be doing. So believe me when I say I really appreciate you taking time out of the day to interact with me and my readers.

Thanks again… and I hope to hear from you again!



I was pleased. And surprised, yes, but pleasantly so.

The next time a reader comments on your blook – and takes the time to make it intelligent and helpful – show your appreciation. Reply to the comment immediately, and take it a step further … send him or her an email.

You see, in the few seconds it took me to read that email something changed within.

I liked Derick. I liked Reader Meet Author. And so I subscribed to it. It’s the little things that jump out at you, and this is one of them.

Appreciate your readers. Because in blooking each of them counts.

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Category: Writing Web Fiction
  • Richard

    I think you’re right! I really do appreciate all my readers–but I think I’ll take more time to go out of my way to show it now!

  • Eli James

    Yeah … the email really opened my eyes to what was possible …

    *goes off to comment on Undead Flowers, waiting for an email*


  • ming

    that’s really cool, i’ve been getting that synchronistic vibe too, getting and sending out e-mails.

    and a fellow blogger and friend, recently commented on how if he can get an e-mail he will thank readers, not only for comments, but even jjust for stopping by, encouraging them to comment next time.

    one more on a synchronistic note: I have a acouple of domains with the name “artmakr”

  • Eli James

    A comple of domains? Hrmm.

    Sending out emails is taking reader – author interaction to a whole new level.

    And I like it. Still gathering the courage to put it into practise, though.

  • Benjamin Solah

    I think flash fiction and flash collections stand the most chance of making the online medium big.

    By the way, I tagged you.

  • ming

    and i added you to one of my link list:)

  • Eli James

    @ Benjamin – oo-er, a tag. I’ll do it first thing in the morning.

    @ming – thanks! I can’t add yours to my blogroll since your blog isn’t about writing and/or reading … but I’ll figure out some way to link to you. :-)