Litblogs in Darren Rowse’s Group Writing Project

Well now. Talk about wasting time. I spent the last 3 days browsing through the writing project lists for good litblogs to link to. Here are most of them (if I missed anyone out just leave a comment and I’ll append):

1. Benjamin Solah’s blog. He calls himself a ‘Marxist Horror Writer’. Apart from the fact that the word ‘Marxist’ conjures up images of Joseph Stalin in my mind’s eye (you don’t say?) I love the things he puts up. Take, for instance, this post, where he talks about writing backstories for characters. Or this one, which expounds on television’s influence on writing.

2. Textual Tangent. I’ll leave you ogling these lovely ladies, who are all completely engrossed in reading.

3. Confident Writing. Joanna Young submitted a piece called Beating Blogger’s Block. And then a quick spin through her posts made me subscribe to her feed – I can’t resist blogs on writing.

4. Reading Is My Superpower. Oh gosh. A green header, lots of book reviews, oodles of reading passion! And a How To Figure Out What To Read Next submission to boot!

5 . Reader Meet Author. Now I know this isn’t strictly a litblog, but Derick’s post on Identifying Bad Listeners was undeniably true. And a little uncomfortable – I could think of several instances where I’ve been more interested in talking rather than listening. Oh, and while you’re at it check out this narration on a stalker dove that’s been harassing him … hilarious, really it is.

6. Trevor’s Writing. Trevor left a comment over at Novelr the other day and I just had to agree with him: writer’s block is a joke when it’s not happening to you. When it does, however …

There. Six litblogs aren’t too bad, considering. I’ve got more content to slurp, and my Netvibes ‘Writing’ tab looks healthier. Long live the love of reading!

Psst: if you’ll excuse me now, ladies and gents, I’ve got Lionel Shriver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin to finish. Which I’ve been intending to get for ages. Ohh – ecstasy!

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