Bookmarked! June 10th

Article 1. Movable Type 4 is now open sourced! It’s the one blogging software I’ve been yearning to try out – and I daresay that it just might beat WordPress as the ideal platform to blook on (marginally easier to code for, but I don’t know yet). I’ll be installing it as soon as I can find the time, and I’ll do a writeup on it, to complete that series on blogging platforms I did awhile back.

Article 2. I Was Just So Relieved the Zombie Didn’t Keep a Blog


1. Charlie Baker sent me a contact message just the other day, alerting me to The Fantasy Years. I’ve tried coming up with a description for it, but I think his words are the best:

It’s satire about America inthe 1990s. It’s unabashedly political. I’m a journalist- Charlie Baker is just a pen name – and my writing is very newsy and based in the real world. It’s pretty much completed and I’m just posting it in small pieces. I’d be curious about your comments.

I can’t at the moment, since I’ve only glanced through it – and I apologize, Charlie. But I’ll make it up to you within two weeks.

2. Lee left me a comment and a link back to his blook: Mortal Ghost. It’s YA, and the first page tells you outright where you can read, how you can read, and where to find every chapter. Again, just a quick glance through – but he’s completed it and even prepared podcasts!

Going to close this really short Bookmarked! post with a site that’s incredibly addictive: One Sentence, which works exactly like it says. Postsecret in words.


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