Been Busy

I’ve been stuck for the past few days off the internet, caught up in a play (amateur production, don’t you worry) and grappling with several papers. I have admitted defeat to all the work that needs to be done, and I guess I’ll have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

I swear I’ll never let this blog die.

I’m writing articles on paper, constructing and bringing ideas into frution – something which I thank the heavens I’m not short on. I promise each and every one of them will be substantial stuff, but I think I’ll be forced to post once a week.

Another thing: I definitely need a good laser printer. I’ve given up finishing any of the blooks online due to time constraints (and distractions), so I’ll just print everything out, review it and chuck the blook away.

I hope this doesn’t violate any Creative Commons licenses (I don’t think so, though).

The other option I have is to ask for guest bloggers, which we really need if we want to create a blooking community. My schedule is really eating me alive. Wish me luck.

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