Dugg! Horton’s Folly

Let’s see how far we can push this experiment: digg Horton’s Folly (or at least one episode of it) here.

Fingers crossed. Online fiction on the Digg frontpage? Now there’s something I’d like to see!

[Update]: James has posted a call to arms in his blog, explaining the fundamentals and what we are trying to get accomplished from this experiment. Check it out here.

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Category: Meta
  • http://jpsmythe.com/fact James Smythe

    I’ve stuck something about this on my site now as well. I’ve also emailed Alt Text at Wired about it, and I’m really hoping (read: praying) that a few other sites will pick up on this and pimp it as well. We really do want to make this spread!

  • http://www.novelr.com Eli James

    Alright. I’ll be emailing everyone possibly connected to this. Blooking in particular

  • http://rebirthnovel.blogspot.com Scott McKenzie

    Dugg ;)

  • http://jpsmythe.com/fact James Smythe

    6 people. 6. That’s rubbish.

  • http://kildosphere.com/ Shaun

    Well, I created a Digg account, and dugg it, but like we already imagined, Digg ain’t interested. Anyone got an image of a drunk frat guy doing a flying side-kick? ;)

  • http://www.novelr.com Eli James

    I agree. 6 people is utter rubbish.


  • http://undeadflowers.com Richard

    Been out of action lately, but I just dugg it. It’s up to 10 people now!

    I’ve never really known what to make of digg–I didn’t even realise they accepted non-technology stories.