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I’ve already posted this to WFG’s forums, but here it is for those of you who’ve missed it: Writer’s Digest has a Self Published Competition going on. The grand prize is a sweet $3000 in cash, and a sweeter endorsement for reviews of the winning self-published book at 10 major reviewing establishments (ie: The New York Times, The Washington Post). And there are 10 first place winners, of $1000 each, with a collection of publishing industry-related presents like magazine subscriptions, ebooks, etc. Only one catch: each submission costs you $100, and I do suspect that it’s a crudely designed (and profit-making) filter for badly written self-published books. Still, for 10 reviews in 10 major newspapers … things like that, when they happen, usually mean a publishing deal and some form of mainstream book career further down the road. A $100 fee seems quite reasonable for a shot at stardom …

Other things to look at: 

And I guess I’ll close with this bookstore ad I found through Sharon:Anagram Bookshop ad, PragueWonder how long they took to do that!

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  • Sebatinsky

    These are some great links.

    The Ebook article is definitely the best of its kind that I’ve read, and very useful information.

    “A Blow to the Head” is excellent, and lead to some self reflection about how drawn I am to boxing, duelling, MMA, and other forms of ritualized violence.

    Steven Johnson’s article on how to write a book was also great – I really like that method, and I may try to do some long-form writing that way.

  • Eli James

    Glad you liked them, Sebastinsky. =)

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