Introducing Novelr’s Linked List

You may have noticed several new posts shaped like little notes between the longer Novelr articles today: these are from Novelr’s Linked List, which are supposed to point you to interesting pieces related to digital fiction. I’d been considering switching to this link/article format for some time now, primarily because I was getting really frustrated with the amount of good stuff coming my way that I couldn’t share with you either because a) there was too little to write about, or b) there just weren’t enough good links for a proper Bookmarked! post.

With this, I am officially reitiring the Bookmarked! category on Novelr, and will be pushing links through just the Linked List. There’s also a new Suggest A Link feature which you can access from the navigation bar (see: top right on every page), should you find something that you really, really want to share with the rest of Novelr’s community. I’m still working out a way to separate the Linked List posts from the article-only site feed, though: I’ve a feeling that some of you may only want to read the long articles on Novelr and not have links delivered to your feed reader. Sorry about that. Also: note that these short posts don’t have comments enabled for them, and that they’re removed from normal post pagination. 

Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

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  • Jan Oda

    Now I’ve seen in in action I like it. I believe it will grow on people.

  • Eli James

    Thanks, Jan. =) Just one question: if you’re subscribing to Novelr’s feed, would you want the option of articles only vs linked list + articles?

  • Jan Oda

    Hmmm. I like choice. I strongly believe in selective feeds. I’d choose for the full RSS feed, but only if it was immediatly clear that it wasn’t a ‘real’ post. Something like: New Link: Eucalyptus…

    Small remark. 4 is a little much it seems. However. Are the links always going to be on top, or are they just going to be between post. If they will stay on top, I’d suggest a maxiumum of 2.

    Also, the one with the 2 quotes makes the design look a little to cluttered, you might want to avoid that in the future.

  • Jan Oda

    I’m in need of an edit button.
    Anyway, I just figured, since I was talking about design anyway. Could you also post a small comments link next to or under the title, so I don’t have to scroll all the way down everytime I want to check if there are new comments? I know I’m lazy, but it would be very handy.

  • Eli James

    @Jan: Yes, you’re certainly right on the need to differentiate between linked list posts and articles in Novelr’s feed. Will be working on that tonight (tweaking the feed always makes me cringe). As for the amount of Linked List posts: there’s no limit to how many there are between articles. Sometimes they’re going to be used as a loose narrative of ideas, to foreshadow a post. They’re not going to remain on top, though. They’re posts in their own right, and like all other blog posts they go down as soon as a new one’s posted up.

    On the comments: afraid I won’t do that, Jan. The original theme had comments at the top as well as the bottom, but I removed them for the sake of usability. (Also, most blogs have their comment links at the bottom of the post, so that’s the first place people will look at).