Introducing Novelr’s Linked List

You may have noticed several new posts shaped like little notes between the longer Novelr articles today: these are from Novelr’s Linked List, which are supposed to point you to interesting pieces related to digital fiction. I’d been considering switching to this link/article format for some time now, primarily because I was getting really frustrated with the amount of good stuff coming my way that I couldn’t share with you either because a) there was too little to write about, or b) there just weren’t enough good links for a proper Bookmarked! post.

With this, I am officially reitiring the Bookmarked! category on Novelr, and will be pushing links through just the Linked List. There’s also a new Suggest A Link feature which you can access from the navigation bar (see: top right on every page), should you find something that you really, really want to share with the rest of Novelr’s community. I’m still working out a way to separate the Linked List posts from the article-only site feed, though: I’ve a feeling that some of you may only want to read the long articles on Novelr and not have links delivered to your feed reader. Sorry about that. Also: note that these short posts don’t have comments enabled for them, and that they’re removed from normal post pagination. 

Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

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