Rocket Bomber: The Seven Types of Book Store Customer.

There are, apparently, seven kinds of bookstore customer. I’m a Browser:

Not to be confused with Grazers, who are content to look at anything so long as it’s a vaguely booklike object set up on the most prominent, most convenient displays, the Browser has an interest, or a Goal: They want a gardening book, but don’t need that specific gardening book. They’re mystery fans, but are happy with any decent read, they don’t need the latest book from the one author who writes the cat mysteries, “oh, you know the books I’m talking about, they’re so good and I can’t wait for the new one, surely you know the author I’m talking about” (sadly, ”˜cat mysteries’ isn’t specific enough — and I hate you.)

There are also subtypes, like the Saw it in the New York Times subclass of Idiot.

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