Linked: What Turns Some Writers into Internet Cults?

Louis Goddard on Times Online: What turns some writers into Internet cults?

When Wallace died in September last year Wallace-L was one of the first places to know, and the following few days received a flood of personal remembrances from fans, friends and former students, all more true and moving than any of the newspaper obituaries. This is not to say that these obituaries weren’t taken into account — on the contrary, list members spent weeks collecting every scrap of media coverage, fragments shored against Wallace’s already formidable reputation. And as everyone else looked over at the brick on their bookshelves and thought “I really must read that some time”, the members of Wallace-L began their third in-depth group read of Infinite Jest.

I find this remarkably curious. Certain writers inspire huge online followings; others vanish with barely a blip. Why? (via)

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