Linked: MCM’s 1st Month Postmortem of The Vector

MCM’s 1st month postmortem of The Vector:

The thing that gave me the biggest boost was’s article about The Vector.  That brought in thousands of people, and based on my stats, about 5,000 or so of them stuck around.  What’s more, the readership has been increasing at a good clip, so I now have just shy of 7,200 readers.  This is still lower than Fission Chips, but again, there’s no interactivity to this, and it’s a much denser bit of prose to get into.

As for purchases, I have managed to convert a grand total of 931 people to my cause in the month the book has been serializing.  That ends up being $4,236.05 in profits in a little over 30 days.  I’ve also sold a few copies on the Kindle store, but I don’t have stats for that just yet, so I won’t count it in my totals.

I’m currently up-to-date with The Vector, and let me tell you: I’m sorely tempted to pay that $5 for the whole story. MCM’s Serial+ model is is a model that works.

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