Linked: Old WordPress Versions Under Attack

Old WordPress versions – apart from 2.8.4 – under risk of attack:

Otto42 of OttoDestruct, a key WordPress developer and supporter, reports that there is an “attack” on older versions of WordPress right now. The number of sites hit by this is growing every hour. Protect your WordPress blog now: UPDATE NOW!!!

Update your WordPress blog before you continue reading this post. That’s how critical this issue is.

Two things: 1) what are the odds? 2) should we be thinking about switching platforms?

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  • JanOda

    I’ll start with linking to Chris’ comment he posted when comments here were still disabled.

    I second everything he said. Nothing is ever entirely secure, and I don’t believe this is a reason for abandoning WordPress.

    Regurlarly updating old versions of software platforms and formats is almost always the best road to go in these things. When an update is due, and your theme doesn’t support the new update, this shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t update the platform. Site-designs in general profit from regular updating, so simply update your design too when you’re in need of a platform update.

    I would however advise to update when you have some spare time on your hands, since checking if everything works can be time-consuming.

  • Eli James

    Note: Chris comment is available here.