Linked: In China, Publishing Online Gets You Read

In China, publishing online gets you read:

“In America, people have the American dream. In China, people have the online dream,” said Dai Yingniao, a college junior who says almost all of her friends read online fantasy novels about time travel, romance or some mixture of the two.

Bookstores in China now have sections devoted entirely to Internet novels.

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  • JZ

    That would explain things. For a while now, I’ve been noticing visits from China to my site (though not massive number, more than I’d expect). It makes sense that with online novels being a trend, a few people would find their way to my serial.

    It’d be nice to be comfortable enough in another language that I could enjoy reading things in it. I can speak and read in German, and just read in a couple other languages, but not at a level that I’d choose to read for fun in them.

  • Eli James

    I find it amazing that they’re actually scouting for English novels. I can barely imagine myself reading in Chinese.

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  • Ashley

    @Eli Well, it’s a considerably larger problem for other languages not being able to speak English, as opposed to the opposite. English seems to have, for whatever reason, established itself as the “global language.” Most non-English countries teach English as a Second Language fairly seriously.

    Most of the Asiatic countries seem to be ahead of North America by a landslide technologically, so we can only hope that the phenomena will trickle down to NA society (keep those fingers crossed…)