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Dan Holloway on when NOT to self-publish:

Self-publishing works best for niche markets that you know well. Why? Simple. There’s only one of you to do the marketing. If your market’s too diverse you could end up talking to thin air. If, on the other hand, your book’s called “A History of Orchid Growing in Queensland” and you’re the president of the Queensland Orchid Growers Society: why do you need a publisher?

I like him already. (via)

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  • Dan Holloway

    There really IS a Queensland Orchid Society (as I discovered when I googled it). You’re not its president, are you?

    Seriously, delighted to say hello and find another site that looks like it’s worth thoroughly exploring – and so nice to see a book site that refers people to 1,000 true fans. Look forward to looking around.

    Very best

  • Eli James

    =) Good to see you here, Dan. Welcome.