Linked: An Instant Magazine on The Sydney Dust Storms

Derek Powazek (the same guy behind online storytelling magazine Fray) has created an instant magazine on the Sydney dust storms. TIME has the story:

Powazek e-mailed about 70 Australian photographers to tell them he was assembling a magazine and ask if they would like to be involved. They weren’t offered any compensation — and only one turned him down. Powazek laid the photos out using Adobe InDesign, put together an introduction and sent it off to MagCloud. By the dawn of Sept. 25, barely 48 hours after the dust storm, Strange Light: Photos from the Great Australian Dust Storm was ready to roll off the presses.

I expect more people to do this in the future. Newspapers and magazines are in for a tough time if they’re going to compete with these localized works, without making some significant changes to the way they do business. But then we knew that already, didn’t we?

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