Linked: 1 Novel, in 3 Days: Project Page is Up

The official 3-Days-1-Novel project page is up. MCM, in the introduction:

I will be working from 6AM on October 6 until 6AM on October 9, minus some sleeping breaks and other life hurdles. In that time, I intend to write 51 chapters, at about 1,500 words each. (…) I would like to remind you that I don’t drink caffeine. When you’re done screaming, please resume.

I’m scared already. For him.

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  • Gnorb

    Sweet zombie Jesus! The dude is insane! I’m with you in being scared for him, but if he’s able to pull this off maybe he can start a new trend: NaNoWriDays.

  • Eli James

    It’s going to be a herculean effort, all right, writing something so long in such short a time, and so publicly, to boot. And he’s not even going to drink coffee!