Linked: A 100 Year Old Defense of Bad Spelling

Worth a look and a laugh: a hundred year old article in defense of bad spelling. It’s amazing what the Internet drags up, sometimes. (via)

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  • srsuleski

    Did people really feel the need to nearly fall upon their swords for misspelling, back then? And here I thought that illiteracy was more common in the past than the present. Granted, these days we’re plagued by chatspeak (and I don’t mean an innocent “lol” here and there, but entire sentences comprised of numbers and abbreviations) but I thought the complete inability to read or write was more common in 18th century. So you’d think that a misspelling would be more kindly looked upon, because at least you *could* write.

  • Eli James

    Ahh, good one, Sarah. I’d forgotten that literacy was much rarer back then than it is now. This article does seem logical when seen in that context.