Linked: The Nook and the Places of Books

Tim Carmody has got this thoughtful little piece over at Snarkmarket on Barnes & Noble’s strategy with the Nook. Apparently, you can read any book for free in any B&N store in the world:

They say: yes, you can use your Nook any­where — but the very best place to use it is in one of our stores. What’s more: as long as you’re in the store, you can read as much of as many books as you want. Just like if you were flip­ping the pages. That’s huge!

Tim thinks this is B&N’s way of leveraging their physical store presence over the Kindle. I think I’ve just found the new libraries of the 21st century.

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  • Tim

    Thanks for the link and the kind words! One correction, though; this post’s by me, Robin’s co-blogger, Tim Carmody.

  • Eli James

    Oops, sorry Tim, forgot that Electric Green belonged to you. Corrected now.

  • Tim

    We actually picked our colors to go with the shirts we’d wear (with black paisley vests, natch) if we were ever at a formal event together. :)

  • Eli James

    Man I’ve got to see that sometime. It should look eerily similar to the Powerpuff Girls. ;-)

  • Gnorb

    Yet another reason for me to justify getting one.