Linked: Illustrations From Lord Of The Flies

I first read Lord of the Flies when I was 17, and it has been, since then, the Book I Love The Most. Which explains why I’ve gone gaga over these: LotF illustrations. Simply gorgeous.

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  • JZ

    I enjoyed Lord of the Flies too. When I think of everything that happens in it as well as the ending, it's a strange book to have enjoyed though.

    I should reread it again.

  • Eli James

    I like it because Golding manages to blend allegory so seamlessly with a good story. Reading Lord of the Flies is like watching a car crash – you don’t want to watch but you can’t tear your eyes away. And then when you finally do, at the end, you think back and realize that he’s actually trying to make a point, and that the story is merely his way of doing it.

    If I’m not mistaken, Lord of the Flies is also Stephen King’s favourite book.