Linked: J.C. Hutchins, Podcast Author

J.C. Hutchins is a podcast author (yes, I know that sounds really weird). His debut novel, 7th Son, is being serialized on Boing Boing, and he’s got a pretty crazy book-marketing strategy on his site: buy a hundred copies of 7th Son and he’ll spend a day with you and your friends. It’s an outrageous idea, and a little scary – what if nobody bites? – but you have to admire the guy’s guts. (thx, Jan)

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  • Unkle Bonehead

    That bite was already taken on Oct 27 the day of release. A gentleman from England purchased 100 copies and J.C. now has to make arrangements to fly to England! Just FYI if you purchase 200 copies he will spend 2 days with you!