Linked: The Beatles Never Broke Up!

I don’t usually link to music, but the story behind this is so ridiculous it’s in a whole class of online fiction of its own – The Beatles Never Broke Up:

… he then told me that what he was going to say next will be very shocking and unbelievable, and that if he didn’t actually experience it himself then he wouldn’t believe it. He took a look at the machine near the window and looked back at me and said he transported me into parallel Earth. He said he traveled to our Earth dimension and found me knocked out in the blazing heat with nobody around to help me out. Normally he said he doesn’t take outsiders through a portal but in my case he thought I needed urgent help.

And then aforementioned person finds tape of The Beatles, sneaks it back to our dimension, and digitizes it, at the imminent risk of waging intergalactic war. The album‘s not bad, though. And free. (PS: a short story! Imagine that!)

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