Linked: JD Salinger’s Uncollected, ‘Free’ Short Stories

Dead Caulfields is an unauthorized online collection of 22 JD Salinger short stories. These stories have never made it into a compilation due to Salinger’s resistance; among them is his first published story. (via)

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    I’m a little confused (ask any of my friends :)

    Is there a way to read these stories online – since getting an actual copy of the bootlegged book is prohibitive?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Eli James

    You should be able to read it at the site I linked to above.

    I’m not sure what Salinger may have said, but that site was done up by a bloody dedicated fan, alright.



    Thanks very much for the help!

    Hope you have a good day!!


  • Pat

    I can’t access it. Has it been removed?

  • Eli James

    Oh dear, I think it has. =( Sorry, Pat.