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Snarkmarket’s Tim Carmody on pricing eBooks:

Now, dig­i­tal books also offer the pos­si­bil­ity that books, like CDs, can be split and sold sep­a­rately. Maybe I just want to buy a copy of “The Unde­feated” and “In Another Coun­try” — a taste of Hem­ing­way, not the whole short-form cor­pus. Big pub­lish­ers haven’t really done this yet. But among inde­pen­dents and self-publishers, the other price point that seems to be emerg­ing — the sym­me­try with iTunes is aston­ish­ing — is the 99 cent short story. And again — this feels just about right, espe­cially appeal­ing to folks read­ing these things on their iPhones, who don’t want to leaf through a whole novel or anthol­ogy, right around the same price as a cheap iPhone app or a sin­gle song.

This strikes me as about right. So here’s a business idea: a marketplace for $0.99 short stories, downloadable in pdf, Kindle, and .mobi formats.

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