Linked: Pogue says the Nook Sucks

David Pogue says the Nook sucks. What a disappointment.

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  • Greg Bulmash

    Actually, according to an article I read, Pogue is not alone. The consensus is generally negative. Apparently nook went for a gee-whizbang on the spec sheet, but not in the UX.

  • Eli James

    Yes, and that is something to be sad about. It was supposed to be a game changer. Guess we’ll have to wait for another reader to see how it goes …


  • lisa

    nook is the most frustrating gift ever. my dear daughter looked forward to this thing for a month…then received it and it is stuck forever on formatting. so of course, we call customer “support” but get to listen to half in and half out hold music for, well, 50:16 seconds. Of course we have a second line going, and this time we shared with the customer ‘service’ rep who was going to put us on hold, how long we were into the wait on our first line…she said literally thousands of people are suffering with this miserable product. we definately know this is a bad product and will be returning it for a kindle!!!!

  • Charles

    I totally agree, I ordered the B&N Nook as well, cancelled, then re-ordered it. When the reviews finally surfaced about the Nook, I then cancelled the order, again and re-purchased the Kindle 2, I had previously returned it after hearing about the up & coming B&N Nook, but I’m happy to say, I have the Kindle 2 back, and I’m very happy with it. I’m reading more and more everyday, it’s easy & simple to use.

  • Cindy

    The Nook SUX!!!!! I have only owned it for less than a week and it has locked up on me FOUR times. I have spent hours trying to get technical support from Barnes and Noble and am having absolutely no luck whatsoever!! Also, it’s supposed to stay charged for ten days without the wifi–HA! I have charged it three times in the six days I have owned it. What a joke! I thought this was going to be so great–WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!

  • Chad

    Horrible Horrible Horrible!!! Got a Nook for my parents for Christmas. FINALLY received in late January, but the first Nook had to be returened because of what the tech called a bad radio. A week later a new device arrived…well guess what??? same problem. WiFi and/or 3G won’t stay connected long enough to even think about registering the darn thing. Without 3G registration or registration at a BN store…no workie!!! PERIOD! Would have been better off purchasing a basic Sony that syncs with a computer. Certainly not as convenient but it at least works!
    NOOK?!?!?!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Stongly suggest not purchasing.

  • Percy

    The Nook, in my opinion, is the worst invention EVER!!! My BFF has one and I looked and it and i hated it the minute i held it. i have a kindle and i LOVE it. It ROCKS! The Nook is a complete copy of the kindle. the touch screen is SO annoying when i used it, and it takes FOREVER to load. Screw the Nook.

  • Danya

    I couldn’t agree more!!! I was so super excited to get a nook, but I am now truly upset I didn’t get a kindle instead. I’ve had my nook for about a month and half and it crashes on me just about every time I download a book. If I download without the battery completely charged then it will for sure crash. Lame!! I opted for the nook because they claimed to have over a million titles while kindle only has half. But every time I look up a book to purchase nook usually doesnt have it and amazon almost always does.

  • Brad

    The Nook is garbage.

  • drew

    I bought my first nook on black friday but exchanged it because i dropped it from 2.5 feet and the connector got screwey. I was disappointed that you need to give barnes and nobles your credit card info in order to be able to use the gadget and or books you’ve already paid for. The one I exchanged it for is screwey as it needs to be rebooted everytime it sleeps. Very frustrating.

  • Warren

    I got one for xmas 2010.. what a nightmare. Nothing works correctly.. it locks up.. audio opens but won’t play. The “lending” function is nonsense.. hardly any books can be loaned. Tech support is CLUELESS. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a Kindle.. and the 14 day refund period is just crap.. I’m already on my second one since the first one locked up permanently.. it’s just garbage.. BN was so anxious to get it on the market they put out an inferior trouble ridden piece of techno-crap

  • Lolo

    I got mine for Christmas 2010…what a piece of garbage. The e-ink screen suddenly had a black spot in the lower left corner. I was reading a book and had 10 pages left when it completely locked up. I took the Nook into the store for the employee to tell me he doubted it would be covered under warranty, but let’s send it in just in case. Received my warranty replacement “certfied preowned model” today. WHATEVER! The damn thing won’t start up at all…called customer service to be told we will send you another “certified preowned model” tomorrow—are you kidding another one for me to be your guinea pig? I wish I would have kept the $200.00 and just bought books!

  • zoetewey

    Oddly enough, both my parents bought nooks a couple months ago, and have been very happy so far.

    Hopefully everything will continue that way.

    I got to look at their nooks, and found the device fairly simple to use–though not as simple as a Kindle. Still, the complexity came mostly from additional features like web browsing, and the fact that they’ve got two separate screens–one touchscreen, and the other for reading (which isn’t a touchscreen).

    I suppose it’s been two years, so they’re bound to fix a few bugs in that time.

  • Nick Zirkle

    My Mom got me the NookColor for my B-day and I really haven’t found a book to read yet so I downloaded Angry Birds and it stinks! It launches the birds when you don’t and it does it’s power (when I say power I mean like the yellow bird’s power is speed and the fat black one is bomb) Also the Nook needs to improve it’s touch screen! It’s way to touchy. When you touch something it clicks on something different. And this gets very annoying because then you need to click on the back arrow and sometimes it doesn’t click on that!!!!…it clicks on something else! Until Barnes&Noble can fix the Nook and NookColor, it SUCKS! 

  • Nick Zirkle

    I was just wondering, is the Kindle good or is it just as sucky as the Nook. Please reply because I would be happy to sell my Nook on eBay and by a Kindle. 

  • Eli James

    As far as I know, the Kindle works for eReading. But there no way you can
    install Angry Birds on it.

  • zoetewey

    This is one of those situations in which Barnes and Noble did themselves no favors by giving users the ability to install Android applications.

    The Nook is good for reading. It’s not good for gaming. Gaming requires different hardware.

    As for Diary of a Wimpy Kid… Well… That’s the Angry Birds problem all over again. Diary of a Wimpy Kid has a lot of drawings in it. The Nook’s good for text, and it’s okay at displaying drawings, but it’s not made to handle books with a lot of drawings. The book’s file size would be huge, and beyond that, it might well give whatever processor the Nook has a workout to display the thing.

    To me, it sounds like what you want is an iPad or iPod Touch. Either one would play Angry Birds just fine.  They’d also handle Kindle or Nook files plus movies.

  • GuYpiSSedAtStuPidBigBusiness

    How any company can release an eReader without a adjustable backlight for the actual reading material is beyond me. I hate the nook simply because at night I need a [censored] light source to read from it. I thought the whole point of eReaders was for the ease of obtaining books and the ease of reading them. It isn’t easy when I have to use my Iphone as a flashlight to read from my nook. I wish B&N were the ones potentially going out of business, not Borders. Everything about the Borders bookstore is 1,000% better then B&N. I only wish I could tell the people who first thought up the idea of the nook to go f**k themselves in the most literal sense of the word.

  • Fuck

    Your Dumb

  • katie

    My nook is 3 weeks old.  Screen freezes and can’t turn page.  Have to power back up and start at page one all over again.  If I turn it, it goes back to front page of book and I have to start all over again.  This thing sucks!

  • Jess124u

    My problem with the nook is they have the worset apps ever im broke and i want free good apps i should of bought an ipad