Linked: Rudi Stettner Complains About The iPad

Concerning iPad and Kindle & Skiff.

If Apple can bomb so badly on the name choice for an important product launch, they are probably getting other things wrong as well. Maybe people who are manufacturing e book readers will listen to consumers. I am looking for the perfect e reader. It has not yet come out. Here is what I’m looking for in my dream e-reader.

I love the idea that Rudi Stettner, a sample size of one, is all out and ready to teach Apple the right way to build good products. Give it a year, I say, and he’ll be eating his hat. (Update: Stephen Fry gets it.)

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  • Rudi Stettner

    I presume to speak for no one besides myself. When individuals speak up, manufacturers can discern general trends. I am participating in that process by voicing my individual opinion. Voting operates on the same principal. I see nothing wrong with voicing my opinions as a consumer

  • Eli James

    Hi Rudi, this post has nothing to do with your right to voice your opinion. BTW, if you’re male I really should change the she in my post to a he.

  • Rudi Stettner

    When I go to a grocery or a restaraunt, I simply voice my individual opinion. Customer feedback keeps our consumer economy evolving. The majority may well disagree with me, and my opinion might be served by a niche in the market. That is all I am saying

  • Eli James

    Right. Corrected my original post (a he, not a she).