Linked: Would You F*ck Rebecca?

Would You Fck Rebecca? – a short story by Andrew O. Dugas. I live for fiction like this. I’m not sure how Fictionaut will survive, given that the site won’t be closed-door forever, but I’m enjoying it here, now, while the writing’s still fresh and beautiful.

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  • Greg Bulmash

    You really needed to include the * in the Fck or warn that it’s NSFW. I thought “FCK” was an acronym/programming double-entendre (like the Unix fsck command or the FCKeditor), then I get to the page and there’s NSFW language on my work computer.

  • Lizzy

    Thanks for the link – I truly enjoyed this story. It was perfect.

  • Eli James

    @Greg: Oh God, sorry Greg. =( The title was such on the actual short story, and so I assumed … yes, you’re right. Won’t happen again.

    @Lizzy: you’re welcomed. =)

  • Greg Bulmash


    Probably my fault. I should access web fiction at home.