Linked: Lee on web fiction, at the National Book Critics Circle

Web fiction writer L. Lee Lowe’s got a post on web fiction over at the National Book Critics Circle:

Let’s be blunt: writers who self-publish online are failures, right? I reckon nine out of ten of you—no, 99 out of 100—are thinking, yeah, too right, though a few may be inclined to be magnanimous and a few more may even have a friend or two, at the very minimum a Facebook friend, who has posted a poem at her blog, added a fiction page to his website.

Oh, and it gets better.

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  • Derek

    She’s quickly becoming the voice of independent online fiction writers, or maybe I’m just new to this and am just starting to see her everywhere.

  • Eli James

    Lee’s one of the rare literary writers who’s into publishing on the net. She’s a real gem. (And, yes, she’s been around for a long time now – she just has more literary chops than most of us). ;-)

    PS: Read Corvus! It’s an amazing book, the kind that makes me jealous, as a writer.

  • Lee

    No, Eli, please don’t be jealous. First of all, Corvus is terribly flawed. And more important, each of us has a unique vision and unique voice, and at a certain level of craft comparisons become pointless.

  • Eli James

    @Lee: I think Corvus is fine. No really, it is! And while I like the idea of ‘above a certain threshold’ – I don’t think it’s a good philosophy, in the long term. We can always improve, as writers. =) I think jealousy can sometimes be a good thing (Stephen King, for instance, regularly admits he’s jealous of Steinbeck’s ability … but then again Steinbeck is a little … inhuman.)