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Kas Thomas: In defense of PDF. There’s an excellent overview of how the format came to be in the beginning of this article, and Thomas’s thesis reads largely correct. I do not, however, think there are many threats to PDF today, so far as print-and-share documents are concerned.

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  • Christopher David Clarke

    I honestly wish PDF would disappear. I just can’t get through PDF documents. I tend to take the text of a PDF and create an ebook or word document out of it before I attempt to read them and its even worse when the PDF is a scanned image or the author has tried to protect it. I put this down to PDF being (well, this seems to be the case to me) designed to replicate print. The fonts are often those which work well on paper (serif) rather then those that work well on a monitor (sans-serif). I also can’t change things like line-spacing. I guess I am saying they are inaccessible?

    Now I haven’t read a web fiction presented as a PDF but I do have to read a lot of PDF’s – most of my uni readings are PDF and this is even more so then regular students since my entire course is being taken online – except exams sadly.