Linked: Pitching Web Fiction at FanExpo

MCM has a brilliant post on pitching web fiction at FanExpo:

So I told her about what we do, and how we do it, and never really WHY we do it, but I think that was obvious from the get-go: we’re insane. Not just me, but pretty much all of us in weblit. We make things and do things not just because we like to write, but because we like to talk to the people at the other end, and see what they thought. Even when we don’t integrate things directly (as with livewriting), weblit is more of a conversation than a broadcast. We use our sites and Twitter and Facebook and the rest to have actual correspondence with people, not just pre-packaged sales pitches. We’re actual people, and we talk about actual things.

Thought: so that’s how you sell it to mainstream audiences?! That web fiction – this thing we do – is a conversation?! That’s … that’s brilliant.

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