Linked: Web Fiction Startup Funds Itself Through Kickstarter

Web fiction startup Eat Your Serial is funding itself itself through Kickstarter. Cool, though I doubt that this is necessary – surely it isn’t too hard to code a website? (Introductory post here; thanks, Clare)

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  • Shawn

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m glad you think it’s a cool idea – we’ve got a lot of really talented people on board and I think this is going to be something really special.

    As for the necessity of our funding, I wish we could get started without having to go out hat in hand, but the reality of starting a website on the scale we’re envisioning and starting a business to support it has become more of an investment than we can finance ourselves. We’re hoping the creative community can help us get on our way so that we can entertain the masses with some exciting new writing talent.

    If you or your readers have any questions, I’m always happy to blab about EYS!

    Again, thanks for the link!

    – Shawn
    Eat Your Serial

  • Eli James

    @Shawn: My pleasure. :) I was actually rather disappointed that you only have a blog at the moment: I’d figured – when Clare pointed me to your project page – that you’d have the site up and that the Kickstarter project was for publication of the mag or something of the sort.

    From experience, I’d actually recommend building a small iteration of your site that does less, and then rapidly build upon that small idea/site.

    But of course, if you think that your approach makes the most sense, (and you have validation for it – or some data that I don’t know of, yet) then carry on, and I wish you all the best!

    PS: Would love an email, once you launch. And you’re always welcomed to do a guest post on Novelr, if and when you’re ready to talk about it. ;-)