Linked: Amazon releases Kindle for the Web

Amazon releases Kindle for the web. ‘Read and share book samples without leaving your browser.’

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  • Clare K. R. Miller

    Interesting. Looks like it doesn’t work like Kindle apps for other devices–you can’t buy Kindle books and read them on the web. You can only sample them. That makes me ask, how the heck is it useful? According to their FAQ, it’s only different from the Search Inside This Book feature in that the preview looks like the ebook, not like the physical book.

    Maybe they’ll improve it in the future. It certainly has possibilities. Thanks, as always, for sharing, Eli!

  • Eli James

    I’m hopeful that they’ll take this technology and allow us to share snippets of our favourite books on the web. Say, for instance, we’re reading this awesome awesome novel and we want to blog a scene, or a passage from page 123 – so we click a button and an embeddable snippet is generated for us. That’ll be really cool, I think, and would solve quite a number of problems for the average ebook reader.

  • Clare K. R. Miller

    Oh, that would be really cool. I would never have thought of that. I hope they do it.