Linked: Tom Armitage on Open Data for the Arts

Tom Armitage spends some time talking about Open Data for the arts over at the BERG blog. He posits that data, taken and modified, can very well be a form of storytelling. On making a Twitter stream of what the curtain at the Royal Opera House is doing:

And, as that burbles its way into my chat stream, it tells me a story: you may only think there’s a production a day in the theatre, but really, the curtain never stops moving; the organisation never stop working, even when you’re not there. I didn’t learn that by reading it in a book; I learned it by feeling it, and not even by feeling all of it ”“ just a tiny little bit. That talking robot told me a story. This isn’t about instrumenting things for the sake of it; it’s about instrumenting things to make them, in one particular way, more real.

Via the Brantley mailing list.

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