Linked: The New Library of Alexandria – Protected by Egyptian Youth

Remarkable: The New Library of Alexandria is protected by Egpytian Youth.

The library is safe thanks to Egypt’s youth, whether they be the staff of the Library or the representatives of the demonstrators, who are joining us in guarding the building from potential vandals and looters.  I am there daily within the bounds of the curfew hours.   However, the Library will be closed to the public for the next few days until the curfew is lifted and events unfold towards an end to the lawlessness and a move towards the resolution of the political issues that triggered the demonstrations.

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  • John Lame

    Mostly I’m not a fan of blogs that link me to external content, but I have to say this is one of the exceptions. Without fail you seem to always find stuff that I both care about and that I haven’t already come across elsewhere.

    You’re not off the hook for original content though. ;)


  • Eli James

    Thank you, John. Funny you should mention that – I’ve got a post in the works, and I’ll make sure it’s up before the week’s over. ;-)