Linked: The Kindle May Be Free This November

Kevin Kelly (the former Wired editor) has noticed something rather odd: Kindle prices have been dropping at a steady rate since Feb 09. He concludes that the Kindle will be free by November this year:

… I’ve mentioned this forecast to all kinds of folks. In August, 2010 I had the chance to point it out to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. He merely smiled and said, “Oh, you noticed that!” And then smiled again.

He suggests that Amazon would introduce the cellphone model: a free Kindle if you buy X amount of ebooks.

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  • Chris Wysocki

    I keep hearing rumors of a free Kindle for Amazon Prime subscribers. That would be totally awesome.

  • Eli James

    Yes indeed, Chris. And it makes perfect sense w/r/t Amazon’s history with ebooks.

  • Lee

    And I’ve been suggesting this model for several years now. Yes, I’m crowing. Sometimes it’s nice to get at least something right. (Now only if they’d listened back then … or I’d had the business wherewithal to compete …)

  • J.D. Rhoades

    Wow. I said when the Kindle came out that it was too pricey to be more than a toy for the serious gadget-head, and that the real revolution would happen when it got down to 100-150 bucks. And I was right. But I never dreamed that they’d consider a price point of “zero.” Again…wow. That may very well put a Kindle in every hand.

    It’s the printer model: sell the hardware dirt cheap, and make your money on the software/supplies.

  • Eli James

    Exactly. Bezos is devious, and it makes so much sense, given what we know of
    Amazon’s strengths (retail, subscription models) …