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Kevin Kelly on 99 Cent eBooks:

I don’t think publishers are ready for how low book prices will go. It seems insane, dangerous, life threatening, but inevitable. I predict we’ll be there in 5 years, (before the marginal price drops to zero, but that is another story.)

But the real story: Konrath slashes the price of his ebook The List, and sees sales shoot up to 800 a day.

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  • Derek

    The Apple app store has proven that the old models of pricing and delivery just don’t make sense in today’s world. Yes ebooks are going to have to drop in prices to deal with the new economy, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean the authour will be making less than they do now.

  • Cadet Rouselle

    That’s what I already pay for the majority of my books. Oh sure, I buy a 25 or 28 dollar Euro BD now and then, and a few full-price graphic novels and sketchbooks and trade paperback comics from indie publishers or directly from self-publishing comic artists. But the bulk of my personal library (filling 38 IKEA bookcases) is made up of novels and non-fiction books I bought in library sales (weeded books, donations) for a dollar or less. I think there’s room for a wide variety of price ranges for a wide variety of buyers.

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  • Joetv

    I wish I had 800 downloads a day :)

    And almost all my books are FREE!