Linked: How The eBook Reader’s Bill of Rights Benefits Authors

How The eBook Reader’s Bill of Rights Benefits Authors:

Ebooks should transcend platforms. What you buy on the iBookstore or the Kindle should be readable on the Nook or Kobo and vice versa. Ebooks should be platform neutral and portable. As an author, in order to reach the widest audience possible, your books should be able to travel wherever your audience wants them to be. You’ve put in the hours and the hard work; why should something like software or technology get between your prose and the reader?

Some context: Andrew Woodworth is a librarian. Last week, he posted the eBook Reader’s Bill of Rights. I don’t talk about it much, on Novelr, but there’s a struggle going on right now in the publishing industry with traditional publishers on one side and libraries on the other. The issue: the right for libraries to lend out eBooks. And the libraries are currently losing.

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