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Mandy Brown on web reading:

Likewise the design of these pages has come to serve the needs of the advertisers instead of the readers. The basic principles of good reading design—whitespace, an appropriate measure, considered typography—are not only absent, they are actively violated. We design pages for clicks—for movement from place to place—neglecting the fact that reading is an act of stillness. We intentionally distract, polluting the visual space until it resembles less a library than Times Square. And to add insult to injury, we cover up these ills by saying people don’t read online—as if the design of a space played no part in determining its use.

One of the early design decisions we made at Pandamian was to prevent writers from adding ads to the sidebar. This can – and will! – change, when we implement theming, but there’s something to be said about standing up for the reader.

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