Linked: Barry Eisler Explains Self-Publishing Decision

Barry Eisler Explains Self-Publishing Decision:

Some people have mistakenly argued that, for my move to make financial sense, I’ll have to earn $142,000 a year for three years. But this is one time when you don’t want to be comparing apples to apples. Because the question isn’t whether I can make $425,000 in three years in self-publishing; the question is what happens regardless of when I hit that number. What happens whenever I hit that point is that I’ll have “beaten” the contract, and then I’ll go on beating it for the rest of my life. If I don’t earn out the legacy contract, the only money I’ll ever see from it is $142,000 per year for three years.

It’s an interesting corollary to Hocking’s traditional publishing decision. Hocking ‘doesn’t want to be a publisher’ and is willing to sacrifice some money to have that; Eisler is walking from a half-million publishing deal because he thinks he can make more on his own.

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  • Zoe E. Whitten

    They’re both doing what they feel is right after looking over their options. Both made informed choices, so to my mind neither decision is wrong. It’s only what’s right for them.

  • Eli James

    That’s what I think, too. Eisler’s been around longer, and he’s been a bestselling author for some time. So distribution isn’t that big of a deal to him. Whereas Hocking would love to see her books in bookstores.

    Interesting corollary #2: both of them did deals with St Martin’s.

  • Perishpublishing

    Nobody will pay top price for books anymore, so he’s on the right track…People don’t even want to ‘collect’ books anymore so Ebooks are ‘green’ and popular, and this is the Wild West of Publishing, with the return of the Dime Novel…woohoo!

  • Daniel Gooden

    @james – and in the same week, right?

    Also, there is no telling what deal Hocking struck. What rights did she keep? I can’t believe she traded in the e-sales she’s making for the traditional cut.