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Marco Arment speculates about an Amazon iPad competitor:

… But it would cause a pretty big short-term headache for Apple that, if there’s a new and very inexpensive tablet alternative from Amazon, could pose a credible (although almost certainly not fatal) threat to the iPad’s marketshare. And Apple knows this.

 I suspect the Kindle app will continue being mysteriously and indefinitely exempted from the in-app-purchase rules.

Better still if it uses a Pixel Qi screen.

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  • Robert Wimberly

    There already is one: the B&N Nook Color. It runs a stripped down android version that can be rooted to full functionality, making it a $250 tablet. Right now rooting the thing is only “easy” if you are tech savvy and not too risk averse — but there’s a strong community out there to support you. If B&N decided to tacitly facilitate this, iPad would have a problem. There is some indication B&N is on to this movement [in their kludgy, glacial, greed-whiny corporate idiom] — an upcoming firmware update will supposedly allow users to access more android goodies.

    Kindle is already falling behind. There is no indication a Kindle color is on the horizon. Unless they’re getting ready to pull a rabbit out of a hat [possible] or co-opt an existing tablet [possible], B&N can have the advantage if they want it.