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Isa’s just released a cool little tool called the Feel free to play around with it; it’ll be included in fluffyseme’s analytics package in the near future.

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  • SgL

    I’m chuckling and slightly mortified for what this tool thinks about the reader base. According to the tool, my stuff is great for Fantasy and too complex for Romance.

  • Eli James

    According to the tool, my stuff is below par for just about everything. ;-)

  • Valerie Chambers

    Whenever I click it, I get this message: “A Database Error Occurred

    Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.”

    Is there something I should have on my computer to make it work?

  • Eli James

    Nope – that just means that something’s broken on Isa’s end. I’ll tweet her.

  • F.S. Publishing

    Sadly it seems whenever we release something cool the internet immediately EXPLODES XD Amazon servers are down and since we’re hosted on them … so are we *le sigh*. Temporarily of course ^.^

  • Joshua Millburn

    Uh oh! I earned a score of 3.5 out of 20. Then I pasted some of David Foster Wallace’s stuff and he got a 0.9 out of 20, so I feel a bit better now that I know the algorithm is rubbish.

  • Dream Fantastic

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I went to copy and paste some Asimov that I have on my computer, and I realized after I hit submit that I had c and ped his entire library, rather than just one short story. I think I may have crashed the tool with 4 megs of text. Sorry.

  • G.S. Williams

    Yeah, given that the part I’m using lets you do 7000 characters at a time, I get totally different results for different sections, even of chunks of the same chapters. Sometimes my sentence length or complexity is like super high and other times it’s very short and sweet — there’s balance to the whole but not in small chunks.

  • Becka Sutton

    I put a perfectly standard piece of my writing through and got the “is this english” error. O.o