Linked: “Game of Thrones” Author talks about Dwarves, Dragons and Delving into eBooks

“Game of Thrones” Author talks about Dwarves, Dragons and Delving into eBooks. At Authors@Google, no less:

After the talk, I was able to chat with Martin a little about ebooks. The author says he carries his e-reader with him now whenever he travels, whereas in the past, he would incur overweight baggage charges because of the 10 or more physical books he would inevitably bring along. But he was also concerned that digital piracy might do to the book industry what it did to the music industry.

Ah, the sweet irony about such things: on the one hand an ebook is small enough, and light enough, to carry in a thumbdrive; on the other it’s small enough, and light enough, to copy and spread.

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  • André Fischer

    Well, piracy has really done more to harm the RIAA and MPAA than individual artists, for most of whom obscurity is much more of a problem than piracy. In that particular light, free copying of e-books leads to the author becoming better-known, and therefore attracts more people to their writing, increasing chances of actual book sales. Case in point, people like Cory Doctorow, to cite but one of the better-known examples.

    However, I can see where this seems counter-intuitive. However, every single _serious_ study done on music piracy has shown that the biggest downloaders of music are also among those that buy the most music.