Linked: In E-Books, Publishing Houses Have a Rival in News Sites

The New York Times reports that “In E-Books, Publishing Houses Have a Rival in News Sites”.

Swiftly and at little cost, newspapers, magazines and sites like The Huffington Post are hunting for revenue by publishing their own version of e-books, either using brand-new content or repurposing material that they may have given away free in the past.

The easier it becomes to publish ebooks, the more publishers we will see.

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  • Anonymous

    This will probably be an effective way of luring more male readers, or readers who don’t consume a lot of fiction, into the digital realm. A couple friends from college who are not big readers bought the e-book about the hunt for Bin Laden sold by the Washington Post. It’s a smart way to bundle multiple articles published over a long period on time into a single, comprehensive narrative. 

  • Cecilia Tan

    Eli, I’m catching up on some Novelr posts and wanted to drop you a link: Don’t know anything about them, other than they advertised on one of my web serials via Project Wonderful. A point of comparison for Pandamian?

  • Eli James

    Hi Cecilia,

    Yuppers, we know about Indie Aisle. They may be a competitor to Pandamian, but to be honest we’ve been re-evaluating what we do and are currently changing the focus of our service. (If we don’t do so, then, yes, we’re probably a competitor, no doubt about that).

    I’ll take a closer look at what they do, thanks!