Linked: Seth Godin on How much should an ebook cost?

Seth Godin on How much should an ebook cost?:

This is the wrong question. The right question is: How much will an ebook cost? Because the answer isn’t up to one author or one publisher or even a price-fixing cartel. It’s up to the market, which is a far more complicated entity. There are no shoulds in the market, just reality.

He makes an interesting argument for dynamic pricing: that unknown authors should release their ebooks for free, and then scale the prices up.

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  • Anonymous

    The dynamic pricing idea is interesting, but what is key for unknown writers is how they get their book into the right amount of hands in order to foster the buzz that would lead to higher earnings down the road. As an unknown writer, I would be open to giving away a book (if I had one) at first, but only if there was some sort of marketing plan in place that would ensure a wide readership. Maybe no such plan exists? 

  • Eli James

    It does exist, actually. (I’ve been doing some research into indie author marketing tools, to see if I can build some to give away). Would you want me to blog about it? 

  • Anonymous

    From my limited reading on the subject, marketing is an art as much as it is a science, so anything beyond the usual “Exploit social networks!”could be interesting.