Linked: Libraries Threaten Publishing Industry (comic)

From comic Tom The Dancing Bug: Libraries Threaten Publishing Industry!

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  • thip thip

    Why would people pay for something they can get for free? As pointed out by many, perhaps they pay for the getting, not the reading. Getting the warez version (or hauling one’s behind to the library) is still a bit harder than getting the iTunes or Kindle (or Pandamian ;o) ) version. When WiFi and 3G become reliably ubiquitous, who will even want to “get” (i.e., download) at all? Just stream the dam’ thing. That’s why I think Pandamian is a damn interesting idea, BTW ;o) But if streaming a warez URL becomes no different (in ease) from streaming a legit URL, then the only way to monetize will be the pay-me-before-I-write (i.e., crowdfunding) option. And even if that might work, the diehard fans doing the upfront funding will, in time, feel like suckers for funding the show for everyone else. And stop. Ads won’t cut it, or at least it hasn’t yet, and many have tried it. Speaking as someone who has published a long-form story for the fun of it, but finds it very hard to see any reason to start  I’m sure readers will be quite OK with getting their entertainment from an ever-shifting army of one-shot authors who write their first novel for the hell of it and the kind reader comments, but when will authors stop doing even first-one-shots because they know up-front that there will be nothing but (a small chance of) fifteen minutes of kind comments in it? I do pay for my e-reading, but the few honest idiots among us can’t fund those writers we like to read, so c’mon, everyone out there, please tell me there’s a solution to this ;o)