Novelr caters to a very specific niche of online writers, readers, publishers, and academicians. It is an influential rally point for all things related to digital fiction – you won’t get very far in the online fiction sphere without finding mention of this blog. Novelr is also a member of the 9rules blogging network, and adheres to a strict set of quality guidelines. Novelr’s sidebar ad is the only way to reach out to Novelr’s audience of readers, writers and LOLcat lovers.

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There is only one image ad in the sidebar, and it costs USD$5 per month for a slot there. Image ads will be on random rotation with a maximum of 5 ads per month. Provide a 150 pixel by 150 pixel image. You may also provide a description of up to 15 words. I can be contacted here, or you can email me at shadowsun7 at gmail dot com.

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You can also advertise through text link ads. There are 5 slots, each costing $15. You can read more about the package, and purchase links here.

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As of February 2008:

  • Google Pagerank 4
  • Estimated RSS Subscribers: 164
  • Daily pageview average: 391.84
  • Monthly visitor average: 10,422.33

Praise For Novelr

… landed up at Novelr a few times after googling stuff about blooks … much informed by the posts … an excellent litblog
Bibliobibuli (Sharon Bakar)

Easily one of the most thought-provoking blogs on writing that I’ve read. I only wish he’d post more often because what he says invariably helps my writing!
Undead Flowers (Richard)

… superb, and really good for keeping up with these things (blooks)
Progression (James Smythe)

… online fiction could become very big … Eli has used his insightful blog to create a great community for online writers and readers.
Ideas for Business

… the whole site is a gem.
Collected Voices (KSB)

Advertising Policy

Any money made from Novelr will be used for the site. You will not see me in the Alps on holiday with Novelr’s ad money (as if that can ever happen), nor will I buy iPods or handphones or any form or merchandise with it. In other words, advertising in Novelr helps supports Novelr, not its owner.

If you do want to advertise with Novelr, however, bear in mind that Novelr is first and foremost a community site. It thinktanks online literature, blooks, and the sort, therefore there is a moral obligation to be fair and transparent. I will not accept ads that I deem unethical (read: crass, rude, surgical enhancement – hehehe); in addition, just because I display your ad does not mean I support you. I can and will give you a bad review if your content sucks, and I will not prevent any other guest blogger from airing their grievances with your product/blook/website. I do, however, respect ads that try to reach out intelligently to Novelr’s audience. Be it a blook, a blog, or a publishing service, if you care about your ads, you’ve got me by the coattails.

With all that said, shoot me an email and I’ll make things happen.

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